Strength Doesn’t Come From

What You Can Do.

It Comes From Overcoming You Once Thought You Couldn’t.

Accept The Days

When Running Seems Impossible.

Embrace The Days When Running Seems Effortless.

Bring out the

Best of you

Train hard, Eat right and Reveal your better self

It Couldn’t Get More

Refreshing & Relaxing!

The Outdoor Workout

Area will surely calm your nerves as you breath with nature along with a workout.

Station Provides

Nutribar in order to nourish to flourish

At Body Station

we provide food with an energy and experience

We Not Only Believe

in changing you but also provide a good room to change.

Redefining fitness

BodyStation is all a one stop solution to all your fitness needs. Rather than providing standard workouts, we offer the full circle of health and fitness – from workouts to specialized training, retreat and relaxation, and nutrition, we cover every aspect of fitness. This is what makes our gym and training facility ideal for all kinds of people.

State of the art equipment

Offering the latest equipment to train which levels you to the best in its class worldwide.

Nutritional Blueprint

Get a personalized experience with a nutrition plan custom built for you.

Best Cardio Workouts

Train with Bodystation himself to get the best cardio routine workouts.

ladies hours

Dedicated hours for women to workout with complete peace of mind, the way they want to.

Training sessions of your liking

Whether your interest is in the mixed martial arts, bodybuilding, or any other form of workout, BodyStation offers a variety of classes you can choose from. With us, you’ll always get the kind of training you want. We’re here to enable your passion.

Train with the best of the best

Certified Personal trainers with BodyStation possess skills, ability, knowledge and vast experience to educate you about your fitness strategy according to your particular fitness goal. Once your goal is set, a trainer will teach proper exercise method and progressions required by your body. The trainers here will focus on your core and strength while assessing your body type.No matter how demotivated you are, they will never let you demoralized. You may lose focus on your goals but a trainer will not. Hence, our main objective is to help you with your goals and keep you consistent with your fitness routine.

The best training facility in the city!

State of the art equipment? The latest training resources? You name it, we got it. We know diligent training requires the aid of the best gym equipment, so our training facility features top quality equipment and tools for your use. You won’t find a luxurious gym like ours anywhere else in the city!

Muscle Station

Muscle Station

Our muscle station is complete with the best strength equipment that helps build muscle mass and tone your body to flawless perfection. Here you can meet likeminded peers who have muscle and body goals like you do.

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Cardio Station

Cardio Station

For cardio exclusive workouts, the cardio station is fully equipped with the best cardio training facilities. We go the extra mile and develop an ambience at the cardio station that helps boost energy and pumps you up!

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Outdoor Station

Outdoor Station

Utilizing open air environments is very important for your training to be completely successful, so we have a beautiful outdoor station that lets you enjoy working out in an open space.

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Group Station

Group Station

To make social workouts (with groups or buddies) more fun and inclusive, a large part of our training facility is dedicated as a group station. Working out here is a different level of fun!

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Nutri Bar & Station

Nutri Bar & Station

Serving delicious protein shakes and fresh fruit smoothies to fuel our serious member’s pre and post workout needs.

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Retreat Station

Retreat Station

After a workout, the swirling, hot water in a Jacuzzi soothes sore, tired muscles and the subsequent relaxation gives you a comfortable feeling of serenity. The surging flow of water pumped from the tub’s jets act as massage therapy, unknotting stressed mus

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