our Station

We have six separate stations that divide our training facility so everyone is given a unique and concentrated environment for their choice of training. These stations are:

Muscle Station

Our muscle station is complete with the best strength equipment that helps build muscle mass and tone your body to flawless perfection. Here you can meet likeminded peers who have muscle and body goals like you do.

Cardio Station

For cardio exclusive workouts, the cardio station is fully equipped with the best cardio training facilities. We go the extra mile and develop an ambience at the cardio station that helps boost energy and pumps you up!

Outdoor Station

Utilizing open air environments is very important for your training to be completely successful, so we have a beautiful outdoor station that lets you enjoy working out in an open space.

Group Station

To make social workouts (with groups or buddies) more fun and inclusive, a large part of our training facility is dedicated as a group station. Working out here is a different level of fun!

Nutri Bar & Station

Serving delicious protein shakes and fresh fruit smoothies to fuel our serious member’s pre and post workout needs.

Retreat Station

After a workout, the swirling, hot water in a Jacuzzi soothes sore, tired muscles and the subsequent relaxation gives you a comfortable feeling of serenity. The surging flow of water pumped from the tub’s jets act as massage therapy, unknotting stressed mus